Behind the Brand

RG Jewelry is a collection of luxe adornments created in L.A. to celebrate quality, style and culture with sustainability.

Owner, Rachel Gray designs and curates each collection with her mixed heritage at heart. Pulling from her Mexican roots, her early years in San Diego, her decade-plus in the music industry, living abroad and learning to embrace and express all the sexy, messy, lavish debauchery of life, there are no limits from which Rachel draws inspiration.

RG Jewelry was born out of the love of style over trend, endless summer vibes, and empowering others to find and celebrate their own unique style. Each piece embodies the blending of delicate details with the sustainability and durability of stainless steel, sterling silver and gold.

"My passion is to empower others to dare themselves forward, find their core style and express it with confidence from the inside out!" - Rachel Gray, Owner RG Jewelry